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Mentoring Mason Teacher Candidates

This online course has been developed to introduce you to the expectations for mentor teachers supervising Mason Teacher Candidates. As you work through the 5 modules, you will develop your supervising skills, as you learn about Mason’s teacher education programs.

Module 1 What's New in Mason's Teacher Education Program. This module will bring you up to date on current programs, new assessments, and teacher education standards. You will also be introduced to the course project: Teacher Candidate Tool Kit. Throughout this course, you would develop this resource that will welcome and support Teacher Candidates in your classroom and school. This tool kit will be submitted in the final module.

Module 2 Evaluation Standards and Common Assessments. This module will introduce you to the specific teacher education standards use across all programs and those specific to programs and content areas.

Module 3 Relationship Building. This module describes what to do before your teacher candidate arrives to create a welcome space for him or her in your classroom. You'll also learn ways to develop a strong Mentor/Teacher Candidate relationship during the first few weeks of school.

Module 4 Supervision Observation and Clinical Supervision Cycle. This module provides opportunity for you to complete an observation and practice giving feedback on the lesson.

Module 5 Evaluating Your Teacher Candidates. This final module gives you an opportunity to review the evaluation process and write a recommendation letter. You will submit your completed Teacher Candidate Tool Kit and receive your Certificate of Completion.

Type: General content
Duration: 1h 30m
Instructor: Teresa Turner Edkins, Brian Hull
Fee: Free
Availability: 90 days
Certificate: Available
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