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International Council For Learning Disabilities (CLD) What's Trending: Historical Perspectives that Inform the Future of RTI/MTSS

The International Council for Learning Disabilities' (CLD) Leadership Academy is an opportunity for a select group of emerging leaders the field of learning disabilities to be mentored by some of the mostly highly regarded and established leaders in the field. It allows for networking opportunities and collaboration with like-minded peers.

Cohort 5 (2015-2016) has developed this module to provide a historic perspective of RTI/MTSS by interviewing six prominent professors. They cover the history and future of RTI/MTSS with regard to students who are non-responders to intervention and those with severe learning disabilities in the areas of reading, math, and writing. They also look at culturally responsive instruction. Cohort 5 members are: Lara-Jean Costa, Laura Isabell, Benikia Kressler, Katie Miller, and Stephanie Morano. They have conducted interviews with Peggy King-Sears, Charlie Hughes, Paul Riccomini, Linda Mason, Jade Wexler, and Gwen Cartledge.

It is with great pleasure that CLD provide this tool for learning developed by our Leadership Academy Cohort 5.

For more information about CLD please visit http://www.council-for-learning-disabilities.org/

Type: General content
Duration: 1h 10m
Instructor: Lara-Jean Costa, Laura Isabell, Benikia Kressler, Katie Miller, Stephanie Morano
Fee: Free
Availability: 90 days
Certificate: Not Available
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